Disney v The Fans of Star Wars

Disney is making every action they can to show their disregard to anything that Star Wars fans enjoy.  Just 3 days ago, they made the announcement to pull the plug on LucasArts. Although their games of recent leave much to be desired they have a long history of amazing titles that influenced and inspired such as Grim Fandango, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, and Sam and Max/Monkey Island(both of which were picked up and continued by TellTale). They even had two games in development: Star Wars 1313(which was recently revealed to be a Boba Fett game) and First Assault, a downloadable Battlefront-esque title. Not only did Disney fire everyone at LucasArts but they kept the licensing to the two games they were working on, effectively making sure no one ever finishes them. Disney also is pulling Dark Horse Comics from further working on any Star Wars comics and is in turn giving it to Marvel. If anyone didn’t hear, Dark Horse just got permission from Lucas to make a comic based on “The Star Wars”, the original script with Annikin Starkiller and Gen Luke Skywalker. Depending on how long it would take to complete the series the comic may get cut short when Dark Horse’s contract runs out in 2014. Something that effects me less, as I never got into the show, is the cancellation of the Cartoon Network series The Clone Wars. I cannot grasp why Disney cancelled this instead of bought the rights and moved it over to Disney though. It is Cartoon Network’s most watched show with viewer counts that trump a lot of stuff Disney has airing. Instead they are opting for a new animation company to start their own Star Wars cartoon. Finally, while it hasn’t been bluntly stated, it would show that Disney has zero intent at perserving the Star Wars Expanded Universe. For those who don’t know, this is all of the books, novels, comics, board/video games, and radio shows. George Lucas usually works pretty close with EU creators and pretty much 99% of the content is canon. Disney is working on creating Episodes 7-9 and are not referencing the EU at all, which in turn has a pretty high chance of contradicting work that has been deemed canon. We will effectively have the same issue with F.E.A.R. where we will have to parallel universes because one party was focused on money while the other party was focused on content and fan enjoyment.


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