PS4 vs PC Continued: More Details, More Speculation

Epic Games showcased the Unreal Engine 4 running on a PS4 late in February. It had already been shown on PC mid 2012 and it was phenomenal. While the latest PS4 tech demo was pretty much the same, some things seemed wrong. Details were missing, textures were flat, and there was just an overall lack of polish that went into it. While there was added lighting in place(it was a 6 month gap between demos) most of the advanced graphics were amiss.

DirectX 11 tessellation and extremely high particle counts were no where to be found and instead were replaced with the generic glossed over, super shiny look that so many Unreal Engine 3 titles used. Meteors did fall from the sky, casting new angles of light, but if that was the return we got from losing everything else, I’d take the PC Demo any day. Here is a simple comparison with PC on top and PS4 on the bottom.

A smaller note is the length. The PC demo clocks in at two and a half minutes while the PS4 demo doesn’t even last a minute. I understand that the PS4 is prototype technology and that being in its infancy its output is slightly hindered, but the PC demo showcases several different technologies that Epic has been working on while the PS4 demo simply states that the next generation of consoles will be able to handle some particles and better lighting than the previous generation. I’m sure money is something that will come up in this topic, and I hate to put out the fire so quickly, but a PC that can run this technology isn’t that much more than a PS4 is speculated to be. Most analysts are projecting the PS4 to release in the $500 range. The hardware that that the PC demo was running on was a single nVidia GTX 680. While the card itself will run you about $500, the rest of the pieces should bring you to about $800-900 dollars. While the PC tech demo was most definitely running at 1080px60hz the PS4 version will, based on previous trends in console gaming, run at 1080px30hz. Regardless, even if it is running at a refresh rate of 60hz, it is still running with flatter textures, a lack of tessellation, and less definition in the character’s armor. Say what you want about the next generation of consoles, but for the first time in a long time, PC’s will be better equipped than a new console on launch day. Here are the two tech demos in full.


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