A Look Back on Next-Gen Predictions

5 months ago I wrote an article explaining what I believe Sony did right with the Vita’s software and capabilities and what Sony and Microsoft should aim to include in their future systems[That post can be found here]. My main points of interest were pausing/pushing applications to the background, multitasking, screenshots, social media, and backwards compatibility. We now have plenty of information about the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One to see what both companies did to improve upon their last systems in the software category.


Both systems can definitely push applications and games to the background. This is a lifesaver of a feature. I cannot begin to count the number of times I needed to pause in the middle of a cutscene. I either naturally react and hit the start button, skipping the cutscene, or I am forced to move from the game and miss the cutscene. There are times when I wait it out and try to watch the rest of the video but circumstances vary and this isn’t always an option. Another nice ability this feature presents is multitasking. I can check Twitter, read my email, or simply watch a video on YouTube to help find the final, 398th piece of an easter egg hunt for a ridiculous achievment/trophy.


Both systems also feature video capture with an easy way of sharing it. While I stated that simple screenshotting would be expected both companies have gone beyond that, which is a good thing. They need to catch up to PC’s anyways. Screenshotting is mainly used for bragging rights, and I’m sure the video capture will be too, and the best way for that is to post to your favored social media website. Both systems also seem to be able to do this as well, maybe not directly from the recording application but definitely through the individual social media applications. So far both consoles have added the same features that the Vita employed. But they didn’t get them all.


The Vita has a huge library of gaming history. With access to the PS1 Classics, PSP games, and PSMini titles, the Vita can keep a gamer active even through the worst gaming droughts(which the Vita has perpetually been in). Although the lists are in no way exhaustive or complete, the mere fact that there is backwards compatibility is great. The PS4 and X1 do not have this feature. It is still up in the air how Gaikai will work with steaming classic games but Microsoft has made no effort to mention anything about backwards compatibility. Seeing as Sony is really good at shipping out great hardware and taking forever to get all of the features to it, it could be until 2015 that the Gaikai services will even be available(it took them 7 months to add D-pad support to the Vita’s LiveTiles OS and 11 months to add folders for your app icons).


Sony and Microsoft have both stepped up their game and have put great effort into their operation systems. The PS3 and X360 where huge steps over the previous generation just by adding an operating system outside of games. I don’t think this will be as revolutionary but I am glad to see both systems natively doing a lot of stuff that we would have needed a ton of external equipment to do this generation.



I just found this as well.

I don’t know how real because the features page for the PS4 has changed since E3(here is the updated page) but if this is true then Sony has really impressed me with the features of the PS4.


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