Patreon Campaign

I have finally found the time to create a Patreon page for those of you that wish to support this me and this website. For those of you who do not know of Patreon, it is an alternative funding option for creators. It is a little like Kickstarter in that it is crowd funded but there isn’t a time limit or goal and the supporters contribute on a regular basis. As I have it set up, contributions are made for every article I write and I plan for 1 article a week: 3 smaller ones and 1 larger one.

With that said, I would love for this to be my job/career and every dollar helps push me towards the goal. This campaign might also allow me to release my projects for free and to keep ads off of this website. That goal is a little ways off but it is a goal I seek. So, if you enjoy what you read, hear, or play from me and want to contribute, you can do so via my Patreon. Thanks for all of the support!


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