Disney’s Force Choke Hold on Star Wars

For those of you who haven’t heard, Disney has continued their destructive campaign regarding the Star Wars franchise. The newest decision was to remove two mobile Star Wars games from the Play Store and from the App Store. Unfortunately for the developers of these apps, Disney did not inform anyone they were being pulled, leaving the developers in a possible rough spot for income. As usual, this was done with the intent to keep all Star Wars material in-house. While I understand quality control, Disney is going to great lengths to ensure that they are the only people who have any say about the Star Wars universe. Which I believe counteracts what made the Star Wars franchise so appealing.

Lets face it, the current core movies aren’t works of art. The original Star Wars follows the traditional Hero’s tale and the original trilogy follows a pretty standard three act story. The most interesting aspect of the movies is the world building. This has led to some fantastic stories with interesting and unique characters outside of the films. Books, board games, fan films, and video games have all been made inside this universe and do a much better job creating stories than the movies did. Just ask any fan of Knights of the Old Republic or the Darth Maul series of books if you don’t believe me. From Kyle Katarn to HK-47, Jacen Solo to Simon the Killer Ewok, the Expanded Universe has offered fantastic characters to its fans.

Disney’s choice to remove outside influence over Star Wars isn’t going to hurt the brand. There will still be millions of people who will tune into the new TV series, fill theaters for the new movie, and buy the merchandise that Disney will manufacture. There really isn’t any debating that. The real loss in this policing is heart, passion, and risk. Disney is known for playing things safe and appealing to a core family idea. While there is definitely room for that in Star Wars, there are areas of the galaxy that aren’t fit for that setting. The lower levels of Coruscant, for example, are rife with gangs and murder; a haven for law breakers.

I’m not saying this is the end of Star Wars, but Disney is making a lot of moves that do not seems to benefit Star Wars, at least not pre-Disney Star Wars. Disney might have everything under control and its universe might be stronger than it ever has. Order 66 might be a great plot point to some people too.


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