Dead or Alive 5 PC Could Be Improved

Fighting games have always been a pretty big part of my life. The PS3 had a humongous library of fighting games and that alone is why I hung onto it for so long. In fact, it was the biggest hurdle I had to jump when I decided to get rid of my PS3 and focus on PC gaming. It isn’t news to most PC gamers that there just aren’t a lot of fighters on PC. Sure we had some of the obscure stuff like Vanguard Princess and MUGEN, a few Guilty Gear titles, but nothing substantial or up to date. Street Fighter 4 could have marked a new era but it didn’t do so well and Super Street Fighter 4 was never ported. Years later, though, we saw Ultra Street Fighter 4 which saw great support bringing in tons of other fighters. Mortal Kombat 9, King of Fighters XIII, Injustice, and many more were ported because of how well USF4 did. Fighting game fans with PCs have never had it better.

The newest addition to this list is Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, which finally has a specs sheet and it is disappointing. Not only is it set to be a port of the PS3 version, not the PS4 version, but it is missing two classic levels as well, The Crimson and The Danger Zone. Despite being a last gen port the game still promotes high end equipment with the minimum requirements sitting at an i7. Yup, you’ll need a beast of a computer to play this last-gen port. But don’t get too sore since Tecmo Koei has included the PS4 shadows and 4K support, because I’m sure neither of those will look out of place with the dated graphics and physics. Let’s not forget that online multiplayer will be a patch released three months after release.

Snark aside, this is horrible news. The very first time DoA gets a PC port and it is held back before it even gets released. I can’t even fathom why they would chose this route since the PS4 version should be easier to port. The i7 requirement is nothing more than a lack of optimization but I’m willing to let that slide since I believe this is the first time Tecmo Koei is making a PC port. Hopefully the future, if TK continues to port to PC, will bring us better optimization. Outdated graphics, missing levels, and shipping without online play are unforgivable though. While this would have been praised just a couple of years ago, the PC fighting scene has massively expanded with ports at least on par with the best console versions.

We cannot allow the fighting scene to rescind into its former self. The mere fact that DoA is getting a port should be evidence enough of how far we have come, but we cannot let this be the beginning of the end. The worst outcome could be that DoA5 is the only port from TK due to horrible sales, despite it being TKs fault for a bad port. We as the fans need to inform TK that are not happy about this. They need to know that they can do better, that they are better. This all feels like a rushed job, that with proper time they could make a proper PC port. Com’n Tecmo Koei, prove to your fans that you are better than a rushed port.


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