New Additions to the Website

I started writing about games because I enjoy breaking down narrative and mechanics while providing constructive criticism for the developers. For the most part, my articles have covered AAA and mainstream indies. I’ve enjoyed Twine games ever since I discovered Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha and I’ve followed the altgames hashtag since its inception. Somehow, it took until last month for me to realize that I wasn’t talking about these games that I was enjoying. Thus Twine Weekly was created. I also covered the <5 Minutes of Play Jam earlier this month. Both have received quite a bit of praise from smaller developers who rarely receive any sort of press coverage or reviews/criticism.

Wanting to expand on this type of coverage I will be introducing two new weekly articles. One will be akin to the Twine Weekly but I will be talking about non-text based altgames. The other will be interviews with some of the developers whose games I have covered. As I am hoping to eventually become a paid journalist it would behoove me to learn and improve upon my interview skills but these interviews could be helpful to developers as well. Most upcoming devs don’t receive much media attention resulting in a lack of experience in dealing with the press. I’m hoping these interview sessions can provide a comfortable atmosphere for both me and others to learn, practice, and engage in their craft.

So that is everything I have planned for the site. I hope others find this as exciting as I do. Make sure to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS, follow the site on WordPress to ensure you are kept informed about all of these new additions.


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