A Life Experiment and A New Site Direction

Hey everyone. As presented in the subtitle for this WordPress page, this was supposed to be a place where I put all of my thoughts on any number of subjects, games just being one of them. And, as anyone who has read my ramblings long enough would know, 99% of the articles have been regarding video games. Long time readers will also have realized that I have been slacking quite a bit at getting content out. Thus, today — technically yesterday — marks an experiment I am trying. For the entire month of September I am removing many distractions in an attempt to become more productive and to work on my backlog of projects. I have removed myself from Twitter, drastically trimmed my RSS feeds, removed Feedly from my phone, and have uninstalled every game from both my phone and my PC. Hopefully this will have a positive correlation with the amount of work I get done on my projects. As to what those projects are, I have a few ideas in mind. I will continue to write articles for this webpage, though video games will not be the primary focus anymore. I have a slew of backlogged topics I would like to cover but without any exposure to the hobby I won’t be writing about anything current. You can look forward to some really great articles about music, life views, movies, and possibly even some more personal stuff. My aim is adhere to my original vision for this site and have it become more of a thought box where I can put my opinions on everything, not just being pigeon holed into being a video games writer. For those who will stop reading my content because of this, I want to thank you for reading my stuff thus far and I encourage you to stick around for just a week or two and give my new direction a chance. For those of you who find this new direction exciting, I want to thank you as well and I hope you enjoy the future content I produce here.


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