Selected Links

Here you can find a list of my favorite articles. It’s an odd feeling, playing favorites with my own works, but sort of a necessity. Eventually I’ll have written thousands of articles so a selection of my best works is an inevitable task I will undertake in the future. Might as well start early and slowly amend it rather than wade through year old articles searching for a handful of content.

Game Reviews Need to Be Patched (IndieHaven) — Video games are no longer static products and reviewing them as such can lead to negative results.

Alcohol Abuse in Gaming: She Who Fights Monsters and Papo y Yo (WordPress) — Comparing the ways that alcohol abuse influence the story and mechanics of these two games

The Intricacies of DivCircle: A Minimalist Exploration of “Fitting In” (IndieHaven) — How a simple game of rotating circles perfectly encompasses the stress and futility of hiding one’s true self.

How Game Mechanics Can Change A Game: Awesomenauts (WordPress) —  When Awesomenauts was ported to the PC it had a control scheme change that drastically altered meta-strategies and upset the balance of some characters

Nostalgia Has Tainted Our Views of Sonic (WordPress) — Looking back at the 16-bit Sonic games I explore how the level design actually wasn’t built around Sonic moving fast

Has Google Lost Touch With the Tech World (WordPress) — The reveal of the Pixel C was underwhelming, mainly due to some glaring schism between their hardware and software