Windows 10 Gaming is a Joke

Three weeks ago, Microsoft hosted a sale on their Windows Store promoting Windows 10. They had a slew of apps and games priced down to $.10. I wasn’t interested in much but they had Hydro Thunder Hurricane and ilomilo+, both of which were games I had been interested in but never owned an Xbox 360. As hesitant as I was to make a Microsoft account, make a Live account, and buy into another ecosystem I eventually took the plunge. After all, even if the whole thing was a bust I would only be out two dimes. I have since completed both games and have come away with some very mixed feelings about my experience. Continue reading


IAP Done Right: Beach Buggy Racing

One of the first games I play when I purchased my Shield was Riptide GP2, a fantastic game that reminds me of Jet Moto. The team behind it is Vector Unit, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Hydro Thunder Hurricane. When I heard they had released a new game and that it was a kart racer I was stoked. Then I read it was a free game with IAPs and immediately assumed the worst. Starting the game up for the first time I was extremely skeptical but was greatly surprised. Continue reading