EPOCH – A Perfect Game to Practice Gyro Aim

Earlier this year I made a short video about using One Finger Death Punch to get accustom to using the touchpads as buttons. In that same vein I would like to showcase another indie title with the purpose of playing it to get familiar with a control type — but also because I enjoy giving […]

Steam Input Essentials – Eps 8: Joystick Move

Joystick Move is probably the most utilized Input Style. Almost any config built around XInput will use this in it as this Input Style is how you bind a joystick to any of the Input Sources. That’s right, this Input Style joins the Directional Pad in an exclusive group of Styles that are used on […]

How to Play DirectInput Games with Steam Input

So you just bought one of your favorite older games and booted it up, excited to see how your favorite modern controller might make the experience feel fresh or revitalized. But when it loads your controller does nothing. You check your config and it’s set up perfectly for being used as a gamepad. Using your […]

The Future (and Past) of the Unorthodox FPS Config

A while back I created a video for The Unorthodox FPS Config, a unique config that tried to re-imagine how an FPS could be played with a controller. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with that concept and wanted to do an update regarding the config. But first, I really want to explain […]