Critical Attention: GDQ and Positivity

  Another Summer is upon us and that means another week of watching Games Done Quick — or GDQ. For those who aren’t familiar with this event, a lot of people come together to pull off the most technically impressive gaming stream for 156 straight hours all while taking donations to support a fantastic cause […]

How To Play Destiny 2 with Steam Input

  Soooo, this is easily the most requested game to get a Steam Input tutorial. And unfortunately, my reply has always been something like “I would love to cover this topic, but I don’t own Destiny 2.” Well, thanks to Bungie hosting a free weekend, I was finally afforded the opportunity to take a shot […]

Steam Input Essentials – Eps 3: Input Styles

  So we now know how to navigate Steam Input, assign basic bindings to our keys, and manipulate the triggers to do what we want. It is time to finally get into the meat of Steam Input: Styles of Input….though I’m going to call them Input Styles since it sounds better. Honest, this is the […]

DosBOX and the Steam Controller

  The Steam Controller does not work very well with DosBox at all. It doesn’t take many attempts at making them cooperate to come to this conclusion. Fear not, though. I have discovered a single method that makes the two work perfectly. I discovered this method via a Steam Guide that was written by Kevin […]